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Camera Repair & Sensor Cleaning


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We will always try to help you with your Repair.


If the problem can be fixed by our staff, you can expect 1-2 day turn around (Monday – Friday)


If Dominion Camera needs to send your equipment to the original manufacturer, you can expect an average three to five weeks turnaround (duration varies based on company and complexity of repair).


Original Manufacturer Repair

Repairs sent to the original manufacturer


$35.00 Non-Refundable shipping and handling fee will be collected when the equipment is dropped off.

If the equipment is covered by an active warranty it will be repaired automatically by the manufacturer and returned to you.

For out-of-warranty repairs you will receive a call with an estimate that you can approve or deny.

If the estimate is accepted, Dominion Camera will call you when your equipment is ready for pick-up.

Sensor Cleaning

Sensor Cleaning

Crop Sensor <35 megapixels)


Usually completed in 24 - 48 hours

Sensor Cleaning

Full Frame <35 Megapixels


Usually completed in 24 - 48 hours

Sensor Cleaning

Full Frame & Crop >35 Megapixels


Usually completed in 24 - 48 hours

In House Repairs

 Stuck Filter Removal


Camera repaired in store

General Cleaning


Repaired in store



Other Repairs or service

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