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Advanced Editing Techniques in Lightroom Classic with Jim Seith
May 16, 2020
1:00 - 4:00

** We want our students to be safe in these difficult times,  and our large classroom tht will allow us to practice "social distancing"  **  sign up early and get out of he house **

Take your creativity to a new level with the powerfuladvanced editing tools in Lightroom Classic. In this 3-hour course you will learn how to:


·      Use brush, gradient and radial masks to make local adjustments and selectively apply your edits to only those portions ofthe photo that need work

·      Add those masks manually or use color and/orlight ranges to precisely target a portion of your image.

·      Use the Tone Curves to make minute changes to the luminance range or even the independent color channels in your image—in notime at all.

·      Use split toned colors to change the look and feel of your highlights and shadows

·      Color grade the Hue, Luminance and Saturation of each of the color ranges in your image independently--easily andquickly—and precisely target the color changes you want to see in your image.

·      Save those editing changes you use all the time as a Preset—or take advantage of the hundreds of available presets forLightroom Classic on the Internet—many of them free.

·      Finally, learn how to use external software that may do things that Lightroom simply cannot. Set up other software as a plug-in right in Lightroom. “Round Trip” outof Lightroom to apply unique changes to your image in external software, then save those changes right back into your Lightroom catalog and Library.


You need to have a basic working knowledge of Lightroom Classic, have a workflow and folder structure that you understand and use for organizing your photos.  You need to understand and have a basic working knowledge of the Library and Develop modules, how to do basic editing chores in the Develop module, and how to import and export your photos.  We’ll take it from there.


You will need your laptop loaded with the latest version of Lightroom Classic, your laptop charger, and some photos on your hard drive or on a card that can be used for practice as we learn each of these techniques.  Please have some photos in your Lightroom Catalog so we can start right up without having to import before we can start the class.


Extensive and detailed handouts will be provided by email in advance of the class for later reference—you do not have to print them or bring them to class unless you want to, and you should be able to take notes as we move along—we’ll cover a lot—so have paper and pen available.