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Taking great Pictures while on Vacation with Jim Seith
November 13, 2021
1:00 pm 4:00 pm
** We want our students to be safe,  and our large classroom will allow us to practice "social distancing"  **

Travel Photography—Tips for gear and basic camera skills that work every day whether you’re far away or right here at home.

This is a course for those new to or considering improving their photography and photo experiences on trips and right here at home.  This is not an advanced course, the terms and concepts can be daunting—but they are not!  There are simple systems and techniques to set up the shot YOU want.

This course assumes you have made the decision to step up your photography and own/are about to purchase a Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR)camera with interchangeable lenses and that you are serious about learning to use it.  You need to bring your camera and all lenses to the course.


Session One: 1.5 Hours:  What Gear Do I Really Need—on a big trip or simply shooting the Great Falls in Spring

·       This can be a rewarding but expensive hobby, so don’t buy gear you don’t need or won’t use.  This stuff can be heavy—don’t carry gear you don’t need or won’t use.

·       What Lenses Work best for my kind of shooting—wildlife or landscapes or people or all of them?

·       How do I carry and store this stuff?  Backpack? Sling Bag?  Belt system?  Strap? Holster?

·       How do I protect my gear?  How to I save, backup and protect my photos—especially on the trip.  

·       How much extra stuff do I need—clothes and camera gear?


Session Two:  1.5 Hours I Want to Take Better Photos—But I’m No Pro—Just the Basics

·       A DSLR can give you worse pictures than a point-and-shoot camera if you don’t use it the right way.

·       So get off of auto and learn the simple formula to taking control of you photography

Price $89.00 + event fee

3 Hour Class - 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Meet the Instructor:

Jim Seith is a self-taught photographer who for over 25 years has taken his camera to all seven continents, including twice to Antarctica, once as a crew member on a six-person, 60-foot-long sailboat.  He spent 17 days with a nomadic goat-herder family in far northwestern Mongolia, riding their horses across the Altai Mountains to tri-border area of China, Mongolia and Russia. He has been to Africa four times and visited six countries, where his wanderings included a two-person canoe trip down the wild Zambezi River around groups of hippopotamuses, and a rare event in the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania where he followed a group of female lions and cubs as they stalked and took down a lone male Wildebeest.  He spent hours in the Ngorongoro Crater photographing up close a group of female hyenas and their cubs.

His images have been published in travel magazine and been picked up for sale through Getty and Adobe.  His techniques for setting up the camera to give you the best chance to “create” and capture unforgettable moments are simple and easy to learn. He has edited his photos using Lightroom for decades and he has an uncomplicated system for understanding and using this powerful tool for the organization, workflow, and fine-tuning of your photographs.

Jim was a career Air Force fighter pilot who flew over 200 missions in Viet Nam and retired as the Director of the Western Hemisphere Division on the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon.  

He then spent over 21 years as the Senior Vice-President of the AARP Foundation and on his retirement from AARP continues that work part-time as the Senior Director for Jobs Programs in a small non-profit organization in Crystal City, Virginia.

Jim has a degree in Marketing and Fine Arts from the University of Florida, and a Masters Degree in Systems Management from St Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas.

You can see his portfolio at www.jimseith.com